Powin Energy sets sights on Batam

Powin Energy
Powin Energy, paid a visit to the Marketing Center of Badan Pengusahaan Batam (BP Batam) on Wednesday (18/7/2023). Photo by BP Batam

Batam (gokepri) – In a significant move towards expanding its presence in Southeast Asia, American-based technology and clean energy storage company, Powin Energy, paid a visit to the Marketing Center of Badan Pengusahaan (BP) Batam on Wednesday (18/7/2023). The delegation was warmly received by Ariastuty Sirait, Head of Public Relations, Promotion, and Protocol at BP Batam.

Miguel Angel Escribano, the Head of International Business Development at Powin Energy, expressed the purpose of their visit as an exploration of potential investments and a deeper understanding of the investment landscape in Indonesia, with a particular focus on Batam.

“Our plan is to expand into the Southeast Asian market, and we firmly believe in Indonesia’s potential. Batam, in particular, with its status as a Free Trade Zone and abundant industrial zones and facilities, offers a highly strategic location,” said Miguel.

Ariastuty conveyed his enthusiasm regarding the investment plan. She emphasized the positive impact such investment could have on advancing renewable technologies and contributing to the growth of industries in the future.

“BP Batam wholeheartedly welcomes Powin’s investment intentions. Such initiatives align with the government’s sustainable development programs,” remarked Ariastuty.

Ariastuty further revealed that this effort was a follow-up to directives from the Ministry of Economy to promote the growth of the tech industry in Batam. Specifically, the goal was to collaborate with American companies and attract their investments to Batam.

Powin Energy is renowned as an environmentally friendly technology company and a leading manufacturer of energy storage systems in America and Asia. Their primary focus lies in the development of future energy technologies, including solar energy and cutting-edge battery management systems.

“From our discussions, we learned that their decision to explore Batam was influenced by recommendations from their partner, Vena Energy. Powin plans to establish a manufacturing facility that will produce units destined for international markets, with an estimated annual output of around 11,000 units. They are eager to invest in Indonesia, particularly in Batam due to its strategic location,” explained Tuty.

She also disclosed that Powin anticipates commencing operations no later than 2025. In the next 6 to 9 months, the company will collect crucial data and investment information specific to Batam before officially registering their investment plans.

“We remain hopeful that this investment will come to fruition and contribute to a boost in foreign direct investment in Batam,” concluded Tuty, expressing optimism for a prosperous collaboration between Powin and the dynamic Indonesian market.

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