Nongsa Digital Park strengthens digital infrastructure with fiber optic network

Nongsa digital park
Groundbreaking fiber optic network Nongsa Digital Park, Batam, 21 June 2023. Photo by Gokepri/Engesti

Batam (gokepri) – Nongsa Digital Park (NDP) is taking a significant step towards enhancing its digital infrastructure by installing fiber optic network. The USD3 million investment aims to improve connectivity and support the growth of the digital industry in the Nongsa Special Economic Zone.

The NDP region has long faced challenges related to power shortages, hindering digital storage and activities. Recognizing the importance of strengthening connectivity and facilitating the region’s growth, the installation of a fiber optic network is considered crucial.

“The fiber optic network will serve as the backbone of the digital infrastructure in NDP,” stated Mike Wiluan, CEO Nongsa Digital Park, at the groundbreaking, June 21.

He emphasized the significance of smooth networking within the area, especially with upcoming data centers and rapid growth, where connectivity becomes crucial.

The installation of the fiber optic network is expected to unlock new opportunities for technology companies, research and development activities, vocational training, data centers, and startups in NDP. High-speed data access will also ensure seamless business operations in the Nongsa Digital Park.

Mike Wiluan further stated that the enhancement of digital infrastructure in Batam is a top priority for NDP. In addition to the fiber optic network, plans are underway to strengthen water and electricity infrastructure. The target is to complete the installation of a 5-kilometer fiber optic cable by the end of 2024. Currently, three data centers are already operational, while six others are still under construction.

Muhammad Rudi, the Head of BP Batam, expressed full support for the fiber optic network installation in NDP. BP Batam actively participates in developing the necessary infrastructure, including roads and water channels, to optimize the growth of data centers.

BP Batam is actively encouraging investor interest in Batam, supporting the phased development of infrastructure. This commitment aims to boost the economic growth of Batam City. Muhammad Rudi emphasized their readiness to build any infrastructure that serves investment interests, particularly in terms of Fiber Optic Network.

With the ongoing installation of the fiber optic network, Nongsa Digital Park is set to become a rapidly evolving technological hub, driving digital transformation in Batam. Strengthened connectivity and improved infrastructure will provide significant advantages to industry players and tech companies in the region, facilitating their operational excellence.

The installation of the fiber optic network marks a significant milestone in Nongsa Digital Park’s journey towards becoming a thriving digital ecosystem. As connectivity strengthens and infrastructure improves, tech companies and digital innovators in the area will undoubtedly reap substantial benefits, propelling Batam’s digital transformation forward.

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